artwork to buy

Illustrations »Underworld Fantasy«

AluDibond Plates 90 x 90 cm (or other formats and materials) á 500€.

Paper Masks for Carneval

Packaging unit (pager card 70×100 cm |300g | 25,00€)

Masks for Children and Adults to cut out with hook-and-loop fastener or Table Cloth with six Motifs to cut out.

Text Games | Table Cloth

Packaging unit (one tablecloth | 80×80 cm | 53g newspaper plus four napkins 5,00€)

This tablecloth guarantees fun through text games. In „TeilWortTeil“ you jointly formulate a word and enter it in the center of the motif. Now you find words that make new sense before or after the word, such as „house“ as „Bauhaus“ or „Hausbau“. Each additional word piece counts points and each player can stop the game when enough words are found. Pay attention to one condition: you may not allow fancy words, proper names or other irregularities. Have fun! More than ten graphics are available. Send me an email for more information ; )

Gambling House

Table Events | Table Cloth for Big Parties

In addition to your daily table cloth you can order motifs for x-mas, easter, birthday or a special event like a fish diner. take a look into our shop.


Another quartet game, called »part word part« is a pack of cards (32) where you can gather wordgroups by images and put a word before or behind another to develope a new senseful word.